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The philosophy behind all operations at Espace Mezzanine Floors Limited is to provide proven cost effective techniques across the whole range of our industry.

The Company places strong emphasis on the professional qualifications, experience, training, skills and flexibility of its personnel.

The Quality Manual is on controlled, numbered circulation to every key manager and is available at every key location. It is regularly reviewed and revised in order that it depicts the Company's current Quality Objectives and the means of their implementation and achievement. It is therefore a 'Working' Document and not a library reference.
It is available to client for review/assessment at all times.

The Board recognises the importance of quality control procedures. The objective of these procedures is:

Ensuring that the requirements of the applicable
Legislation, Codes of Practice and Guidance are both
recognised and implemented throughout Espace
Mezzanine Floor Limited’s operations

Providing a system that will integrate the activities of
personnel performing operations affecting quality issues.

Compiling written procedures and instructions in the
Company Safety, Quality , Environmental & Procedural

Maintaining throughout the organisation the necessary
complement of adequately instructed personnel to fulfil
the quality objectives.

The provision of all necessary equipment and facilities to
enable these objectives to be realised and verified.
Mirek Klimas
Managing Director
Espace Mezzanine Floors Limited

Last Updated 01 January 2004
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