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Due to the complexity involving Building Regulations and the many aesthetical finishes available on Retail floors, please enter your contact details only to send to Espace. A member of staff will then contact you to discuss your requirements further.

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Floor Loading Details

As a GENERAL guideline, these are typical loadings regarding a Floors usage:
4.8kN/m2 Suitable for Light Duty Industrial Storage, Lightweight Production and Office Use. Use of a 600kg capacity hand pallet truc and block stacking of 500 kg/m2k.
7.2kN/m2 Suitable for Medium Duty Production / Storage.
Use of a 850kg capacity hand pallet truck and block stacking of 750 kg/m2.
9.6kN/m2 Suitable for Heavy Duty Production / Storage.
Use of a 1150kg capacity hand pallet truck and block stacking of 1000 kg/m2.
Other kN/m2
Due to the concentrated point loads associated with racking or shelving applications on the Floor, please contact us to further discuss your requirements.


An ambulant staircase is generally required where a Floor is used for anything other than Light/None Bulky storage.
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Does the floor cover more than 50% of the warehouse? Yes No
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We have assumed the following:

The area is reasonably level and there is good access to the area via a ROLLER SHUTTER DOOR in the immediate vicinity of the construction area. Unhindered access to site, if required, for a period of 12 hours per day 6 days per week.

Hygiene facilities, lighting and power are available (FOC). We are able to use the Customers Forklift truck and that it is well maintained and in good working order.

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